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Monday Resources XXVII

hello my fellow writers,

after a long break i am back with more resources for you!
i figure this busy time of the year is the best to jump right in, so just welcome
to another dose of writing info you might not need, desperately want, or never even expected to be there!

  • Flashback in Books goes down to explore how one is best to tackle flashbacks and has some nice examples. while it has no real rule to it, it gives a very understandable guideline for writers.

  • as the writers are getting busy alphas and betas are too, here is a nice blog for all of us to remind ourselves what we look for: 10 weaknesses to look for when revising your manuscript
    as the author notes it is not a complete list, but i find it a very good starting point for what to search for not only in my own writing but also when i check stuff for others. bonus tip: filler words and each and every writer and story has their own. really sometimes in one story it's : "their" and in another story it was:"soothing" so try to become aware of them, not just in your own work, but also in the work you read for others.

  • and last bot not least: Dread writing sexy scenes: 5 tips for success is a quick read that can get you over the struggle to write sexy scenes. this is a recurring theme as i struggle a lot with it so i go and search for help and so far no one complained ;)

all the best!
may the muses be with you!
and remember all words are good words (even the words that are gone due to edition!)

do you want more tips on one certain topic that i so far completely ignored? (i am posting here what catches my fancy in hope to motivate you to get words down- so if you have something you need to know or read or be motivated on, let me know and i shall dig around the net trying to find something for you)
do you have a tip you want to share, but are thinking: "meh"- just pm me or write me a mail smirkingcat[at] yandex. com and i shall check it out and include it in a future post [with your name or without it]
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